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            Triple-offset butterfly valve

            Butterfly Valves: Triple-offset butterfly valve

            Pressure Rating:   CLASS 150~ CLASS 1500 (PN10~PN260)
            Size:3〞~160〞 (DN80~DN4000)
            Temperature Range:   -196℃~850℃
            Product Information
            Sealed by torsion
            Triple-offset on/off with no friction
            Zero leakage at bi-directional
            High-temperature and ultra-low temperature both optional
            Soft-seated and metal-seated optional
            Anti-blow-out stem design
            Low on/off operating torque
            Performance data
            Pressure Rating:  CLASS 150~ CLASS 1500 (PN10~PN260)
            Size:  3〞~160〞 (DN80~DN4000)
            Temperature Range: -196℃~850℃
            Body material:A105,F304,duplex ,Hastelloy,Inconel, Monel,Alloy20,Incoloy,Ti 等 
            Disc material:A105,F304,duplex,Hastelloy,Inconel, Monel,Alloy20,Incoloy等 
            Seat material:PTFE,EPDM-A,,STL
            Operating mode:manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic
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